IP Management and Strategy

IP Management and Strategy

Where it all begins

TLIP attorneys have advised on IP management and strategy for clients ranging from billion dollar multinationals to universities to start-ups.  All clients have one thing in common after working with TLIP:  they know what IP they have and why they have it.      

Just what are the threats to your success?  Ex-employees stealing trade secrets?  Competitors innovating around you?  Counterfeit goods?  A commercial partner publishing results before you file a patent?

What do you need to support your next fundraising?  10 patents?  200 patents? Trademarks? Designs?  A trade secret policy?  In which jurisdiction?  Sales, how many?  How will you sell: licence or manufacture?  What does your supply chain look like? Who are your competitors and are they litigious?

Working with TLIP you will find out what IP is right for you and what return you might expect on your investments.  Keep shareholders informed, track budgets and drive your £ spend towards the minimum needed to achieve your business goals.