Start-ups, Scale-ups and SMEs have one thing in common: a passionate entrepreneurial founder.  However, look closer and their business models, revenues, funding, shareholdings and risks are radically different.

Many of our tech start-up clients are tight with cash.  Patent or employ an engineer?  A Board pushing spend on IP or a Board reluctant to spend on IP, no two clients are the same.  One day you are winning an award for start-up of the year, the next you are pitching for a contract and on the weekend solving some technical issues whilst always planning that next round of funding.

Scale-ups are start-ups on a mission.  Proof of concept is close or met and staff are joining, offices are getting larger and the cash burn is getting hotter.  Can you sustain the growth, will that revenue start to flow in line with the predictions and are patent costs now seriously starting to bite?

The world of SMEs can appear rather tame in comparison.   You have established your business, you know your customers and they know you.  You know the threats to your continued success and you have engaged TLIP to keep you clear of those threats.  Not all your competitors use IP or even know about patents, trade secrets, designs and trademarks, but you do, and that gives your company an edge.  In business, it’s about the edge and you know how to exploit it.