Since 2014, TLIP has visited our associate attorneys in the following areas to build on our relationships and exchange knowledge:  Boston, Washington DC, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Valpariso, Chicago, New York, Montreal, Sydney, Auckland, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo.

We are particularly interested in working on complex cases before the UKIPO or EPO.  Those cases are the ones where you are using a local UK and EP representative because you want specific UK or EP advice.  We have made our reputation on our ability to convince examiners to recommend grants for those difficult cases.

TLIP sends many files abroad to mature into granted patents and trademarks.  We have also instructed local agents to provide infringement and validity opinions, entitlement advice and foreign filing licences for our clients.  The work flow is not all one way.  Agents local to United States and China have been impressed with the way that we work with our clients and have asked that TLIP represent their clients’ interests in Europe and the UK.