TLIP has a proud history of direct in-house patent attorney support in the UK and abroad.   Browse our patent attorney pages and you will find a wealth of private practice experience from people who have advised many in-house clients in many different circumstances.  Browse our support staff pages and you will find a wealth of experience of managing portfolios, renewals, assignments, document handling and filing.

TLIP is best known for original patent drafting and subsequent patent prosecution.   We provide technology specialists so we understand your technology from the get-go.  Over time we have learnt that this is the most efficient way to a complete a patent draft and gains the trust and respect of the inventor.

We understand that you and your inventors have a day job that does not involve patent filing and prosecution.   We therefore treat the time you devote to educate us on the technology and the business with the utmost respect and value.

As a small firm, all our staff: patent attorneys and support staff are aware of what it takes to run TLIP and make TLIP a successful business.  Everyone at TLIP has a stake in its success.   We know that your business is no different and that you have stakeholders, shareholders and advisors that are looking for value and commitment from their suppliers and we expect to be tested, challenged and reviewed on a regular basis.