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Unified Patent Court re-opens recruitment for Judges

This news is the latest in a series of announcements that suggests some traction is developing around the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent.

Other announcements include the location of the UPC’s central division in Paris and changes to the training of patent attorneys in Austria to enable their representation in the UPC.

Commencement of the UPC requires ratification by Germany and is currently on hold, awaiting the Decision of the German Constitutional Court.   A decision is expected during 2019.

Once the UPC and UP come into effect, all pending EP applications and granted EP patents will automatically fall under the jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court.  This means, for example, that litigation against infringers could be simpler/cheaper, and that a single court case could enforce an EP/UP patent in all contracting member states.  Also, it means that a single revocation action could invalidate an EP/UP patent in all contracting member states.

Alex Turnbull, Paul Lynch, Simon Fortt and Lisa Brown are all European Patent Attorneys with the appropriate current qualifications to be awarded a European Patent Litigation Certificate.  This certificate is the qualification that certain attorneys can obtain in order to have the same rights to conduct litigation at the Unified Patent Court (UPC) as a legal practitioner.