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Dr Lisa Brown

With great sadness, we write that our friend and colleague Dr Lisa Brown (Lady Lisa Markham) passed away on 31 August 2021 at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds.

Lisa headed up our biotechnology practice and worked extensively with universities and start-ups.

A widely published academic, Lisa had a BSc in Biochemistry and Toxicology from the University of Surrey before completing a PhD in mammalian metabolism and toxicology in conjunction with ICI’s Pharmaceutical Division.

After leaving a successful career in science Lisa entered the patent profession in 1995.   With more than 25 years’ experience, Lisa worked with a variety of clients at different levels, from inventors to devise experiments to support patent filings to senior management to advise on FTO, due diligence and acquisitions.  Her speciality UK client base was Universities, spin-outs and SMEs.

Lisa was a Fellow of the British Toxicology Society and the Chairwoman of a University spin-out company and was also a member of the External Advisory Board of Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Regenerative Medicine.

Lisa will be sorely missed by all of us at TLIP, by her clients, friends and family.  Her legacy will live on through the energy that she put into her case work that has been shared by those lucky enough to work alongside her.

Lisa Brown, RIP