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TLIP invited to speak to Department of Advanced Computer Science

In November 2014, TLIP will present a joint seminar with the Research and Knowledge Transfer Group of the University of Bradford covering, “Computer Implemented Innovations”. The seminar is part of series of seminars that TLIP is involved in, including the recent seminar held at the University of San Jose, Silicon Valley, USA. We are proud to be working with Bradford who join our growing client base of universities which includes Herriot Watt University, University of Cambridge (Cavendish Laboratory) and Liverpool John Moores.

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Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals Event In Leeds

TLIP have been asked to speak at the Leeds Patent and Trademark Group gathering on searching and patent informatics. TLIP will focus on the topic, “patent results for the patent attorney” and will look at ways that searchers and attorneys can work well together. Other presentations will be given by Thomson Reuters and European Patent Office.

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Could the Patent Box benefit your business?

As has been well publicised since its introduction in April 2013, the Patent Box allows companies to benefit from a lower rate of Corporation Tax on profits derived from patented inventions.  Could your business benefit from this lower rate?

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No More Disunity In Europe

As things stand at the moment, Rule 164 EPC means that if a European regional phase application is found by the European patent searching division to lack unity of invention then only the first claimed invention is searched. Since unsearched subject matter cannot be prosecuted in a European application then the applicant has no choice but to file an expensive divisional patent application to the unsearched subject matter if protection to that unsearched subject matter is required.

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Brief Overview – Intellectual Property Act 2014

The Intellectual Property Act 2014 aims to modernise the UK’s intellectual property (IP) law in order to simplify and strengthen the UK IP system and improve efficiency. Many of the provisions in the Act will come into force on 1 October 2014.

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