About TLIP

Like you, TLIP is a company of change, growth and ambition. Formed in 2014 from a group of like-minded attorneys we offer our clients an experienced platform to address the ever changing intellectual property landscape.

Our attorneys are at the coal face of innovation, meeting inventors to capture and protect advantages arising from new products, processes and systems.  Once filed, patents need to be prosecuted through to grant, often worldwide, to provide a right to exclude, licence, fund raise or support freedom to operate plans.

We cannot claim to be the biggest or the most boutique and we do not have multiple offices around the world.  What we do have is commitment, integrity and a claim to be the best at getting things done in a way that you want them done.

Our clients tell us that we make no assumptions.   Rather, before dispensing advice, we take time to understand their motivations, locations, budgets, fears, goals, ambitions, timescales, shareholders, stakeholders, funding rounds, competitors, history, objectives and how they plan to measure success.



Getting things done, your way.

Global Reach

Working in partnership with our network of local attorneys, TLIP represents our clients’ IP interests worldwide.

In response to our client’s international patent and trademark filings we have put in place an approved list of overseas agents to facilitate the providing of advice specific to local territories.

Before receiving instructions, all agents are asked to run a conflict check and are assessed for technology match, experience and value.

As well as filings, our agents have provided litigation support, trade secret policy review and access to investment for our clients.

Map of the Globe