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Qualified electronic signatures are now accepted on assignments and licences at the European Patent Office.

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Ideas lead to innovation and innovation distinguishes those companies that lead from those that follow

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Global Reach

Our clients’ commercial interests extend across the world.  To support those interests, TLIP has appointed a network of approved overseas associate firms with expert local knowledge.  We work together to provide you with a truly international service.


Qualified Electronic Signatures now accepted at the EPO

Qualified electronic signatures are now accepted on assignments at the European Patent Office.

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Yes – you can patent AI and ML inventions.

AI and ML inventions are discussed from a patentability viewpoint.

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Who owns copyright in software developed at home?

Developing software at home?

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Our Expertise

TLIP attorneys work in specialist technology and legal fields.   Our attorneys include an astrophysicist, a synthetic chemist, an IBM patent engineer, an electronic engineer, a mechanical engineer and a toxicologist. Whilst we are mostly known for our original patent drafting and patent prosecution, we also advise our clients across all IP rights: including trade secrets, contracts and licensing. We combine this with a good dose of real life experience and learning from clients that continually push the boundaries of what is possible.