• Our Ethos

    Our attorneys are present right at the start of your innovation process assisting in establishing a framework within which ideas can flourish and  be protected
    As part of a larger IP strategy we can advise on the suitability of filing patent applications, keeping ideas as know-how or allowing them to publish for freedom to operate purposes. We have experience in quarterly patent meetings to prepare and draft patent applications as well as ad-hoc meetings. Our attorneys have given workshops for inventors for corporates and university technology transfer groups.

    When it comes to obtaining a patent we have an enviable record of success, not just on our home grounds of the UK and European Patent Office, but also in foreign jurisdictions through close ties with carefully selected and assessed foreign counsel. Indeed, such is our formidable reputation, attorneys at TLIP are the sole European patent attorneys to join a group of European Patent Examiners (Computer Implemented Inventions Directorate) in their 2014 mission to Silicon Valley, California to meet tech-companies and discuss experiences of patent prosecution at the European Patent Office.
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  • Patent Prosecution

    Strong patents to mark your territory
    TLIP attorneys draft numerous priority filings in any given year and our core specialities are in the electronics, engineering and chemical fields. Using advanced searching techniques we can review the state of the art to provide a solid foundation for a patent application to enter patent prosecution. Our attorneys will demonstrate to you technical and legal expertise, in-depth sector knowledge and advice with a genuine dose of commercial reality. All of this is delivered with clear communication in regular face-to-face meetings and backed up by transparency in our charging and fairness in our costs.
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  • Opposition And Appeals

    TLIP attorneys are used to acting for both proprietor and opponent
    We recognise that oppositions are filed for many commercial reasons and understanding those reasons first is key to running a case towards a successful outcome.

    Appeals are frequently focussed on the most important issues and good use of timing, expert procedural knowledge and careful use of technical submissions can turn a case around or affirm a positive first instance decision. 
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  • Litigation

    TLIP attorneys have managed cases before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court and in one instance saw a favourable settlement in a David v Goliath scenario in favour of our smaller, one patent client

    Most recently, we have organised mediation services between two parties; disposed of a claim before the Dutch court; and engaged counsel to advise on a pre-action matrix risk assessment and expert witness selection.
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  • Due Diligence

    TLIP attorneys like detail and asking the tough questions
    As part of a client’s major acquisition of a patent portfolio most recently in 2014 and of a company in 2013, TLIP has undertaken due diligence analysis into company intellectual property assets and completed multi-jurisdictional assignment of patent rights. The total value of deals for which our attorney’s have been involved in due-diligence activities is growing and as of 2014 is currently in excess of $250 million.
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  • Freedom To Operate

    TLIP attorneys will advise you on the risks, implications and timings of launching your new product
    Complex new product searches, jurisdictional questions, licence or workaround, patent revocation: TLIP has a particular interest in freedom to operate issues and has considerable experience in managing complex new product searches as well as providing both ad-hoc and full infringement and validity opinions together with advice on workarounds and strategies to minimise risk. TLIP is familiar with briefing UK counsel and regularly appoints counsel to advise on contentious issues.
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  • Contracts And Licensing

    TLIP attorneys will assist in preparing and policing your IP revenue streams
    TLIP has prepared deeds for assigning inventions from inventor to company, side letters and advised on IP terms within larger financial transactions.
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  • Trademark Prosecution

    Consumers use inventions but they pay well for strong brands
    TLIP is engaged to offer advice on all aspects of trademarks and related rights including infringement, passing off and licensing. A Community trade mark application, Madrid Protocol registration system and UK national can all be considered to provide the best coverage for the meanest of marketing budgets.
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  • Registered designs, design right and copyright

    Pound for pound IP champion fighters
    TLIP finds that designs are the most under-valued asset in IP. Used properly designs can be registered for a wider range of applications than patents. Copyright protection, patents and trademarks can all be supplemented by design protection.
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  • Multi-jurisdictional assignment

    Organisation is at the forefront of MJAs and TLIP attorneys and support paralegals run the tightest of tight ships
    TLIP has experience with preparation and registration of assignment documents in different jurisdictions such as in US, UK, Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.
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